Wickersley Goes Green
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Wednesday 24th February 2021

Our Student Leadership Team and more specifically the School Environmentalist team played a huge part in encouraging the use of ‘Wickersley going Green’ last year and part of their project was to make students aware of the importance of using reusable water bottles rather than using single use plastic versions. An opportunity arose to apply for funding for a new water station through the Hellaby Ward Trust Fund scheme.

Of course they took on the challenge and rigorous application process where Lewis Maltby, in particular of Y12 was instrumental in this. Thankfully we were successful and now have extra-funding for the next installment of these new water stations across our school sites. We have two more to find funding for.

The new water stations actually fit reusable water bottles under (sadly our older versions don’t). Ensuring our students are well hydrated during a school day plays a vital role in their ability to stay focussed and produce a better standard of work and couple this with encouraging the use of reusable bottles is also key to reducing litter and ‘throw away’ plastics. As part of the bid, Lewis took it upon himself to apply for slightly more which allows us to purchase some reusable bottles for students to re-purchase from us at a low cost price, we thank him and the team for their commitment, hard work and dedication to help make WSSC a better place for learning.

The Environmentalist Team were (2019/20)

Lewis Maltby Y11
Oliver Auld Y11
Senna Lightfoot Y11
Theo Coulson Y10
Eleanor Lord Y12
Tor Downing Y12
Olivia Hilton Y12

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