Year 8s Start Their Options Process
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Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Today, our year 8 students attended a virtual options assembly. The assembly was an introduction to the process that all students in the year will be going through over the next few weeks to choose their options for year 9.

Although there will be no formal qualifications given in year 9, the aim of these options is to equip the students with the foundation skills and knowledge for year 10 & 11, when their formal examinations will take place. It’s a starting point for our vision – ‘to send every young person into the world able and qualified to play their full role in it’.

The students were introduced to the options suites that they can choose to study next year – each student will get to study two of these. Within these suites, there will be related disciplines/subjects that they will learn, which they can then choose to specialise in when it comes to year 10 & 11. 

For example: if the chosen option suite is DT, the student will study Construction, Engineering and Materials Technology on a rotational basis throughout the year. After learning the foundation knowledge for these disciplines, they may then choose to specialise in one of them in year 10 & 11. 

A Google Form will be sent out to students over the next few weeks to add in their two chosen option suites. Students will also need to add in two extra options as a back-up. We aim to give all students their first and second choice but we ask students to rank their top four option suites from the list in case for whatever reason, we cannot offer a particular subject – suitability for the options may be discussed in student option interviews.

Our advice when choosing options:

Next step:

It’s Parents’/Carers’ Advice Week  w/c 15th March. This is where parents/carers will be able to book an appointment with our careers advisor, Mrs Mullins to discuss careers and future prospects around the options and choices that year 8s are going to make.

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